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Meraki is a passionately curated sound recording, mixing and music production studio, where our audio experts believe in pouring their heart and soul into crafting music, recording and editing with the aim of cultivating what’s best for you! Every equipment in our studio has been hand-picked by love and precision by our experts which include the state of the art, latest hardware and software. Our compact yet cozy space holds a recording room and a dynamic control room, where the magic is brewed! Apart from keeping you at the top of your game, Meraki provides a comprehensive list of services which includes but not limit to, recording, audio mixing and mastering, and sound editing.

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The studio is equipped with first-class Tube, Condenser and Dynamic microphones withAMS Neve 1073preamp and eight Unison™-enabled mic preamps from UAD, providing authentic emulations from Neve, API, Manley, SSL, and more. Meraki makes sure to acquaint you with professional experience by providing you with crystal clear recording.


Music Production

Our engineers are musicians too, and are rehearsed in different genres of music. We are equipped to deal with various musical requirements such as TVC, Radio, Cover songs, Originals, Movie background, Foley, SFX and other commercial applications.


Mixing | Mastering

Our engineers are sonically and musically trained and our modest yet standalone studio is equipped with premium quality gears and equipments includingNeve 8816 Summing Mixerand the most authentic analog emulations providing you with stunning analog sound and an industry standard output.

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Our Engineers

Meet our team of sound engineers, ready to carve your ideas into music

Team Member
Siddharth Mitra

A graduate from AAT Mumbai (formerly SAE) and a freakishly ingenious mind, we don’t call Siddharth a perfectionist, just for the heck of it. He strives to achieve the impeccable and would sit in a chair for 12 hours straight, if he’s not satisfied with the output. While some call him dedicated, others think he might just be a creative maniac. He excels in drums with a Trinity Grade 4 certificate from Delhi School of Music and wouldn’t fail to show off his avid multi-instrumental knowledge across the room. In his free time, you would definitely find him chasing after some dogs and feeding them!

Team Member
Arrindamm Banerjii

With great power, comes great responsibility. The same goes with our audio production expert Arrindamm. Arrindamm has a keen ear when it comes to music or audio and would be more than happy to point out even the Lilliputian audio glitch and then simultaneously work on it. All thanks to his intensive and comprehensive audio engineering cogitation from SACAC, Delhi. He holds an ABRSM Grade 3 in piano and a Grade 4 certificate in Music theory. When Arrindamm is not extensively working on your project, he’s absolutely napping.

Our Studio

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Terms & Conditions

Please read all the T&C prior to make any bookings

Payments & Bookings

  • Payment options include : Cash, UPI payments and online bank transfer. We do not accept payments through cheques.

  • The studio rates including recording, music production, mixing and mastering are exclusive of taxes.

  • Any claims or adjustments related to the final output of the audio must be presented to us in writing or via email within 5 days of invoice date.

  • Recording

  • Recording time is chargeable as per the desired booking time slot mentioned by the hirer

  • Full Payment for recording sessions is to be paid 24 hours prior to commencement of the session and any extra recording time leftover should be paid after the session ends.

  • Prices that include Audio Engineer depict that the engineer provided by Meraki Recording Studio runs the session. If you are supplying your own engineer, he/ she is to run the session, however, Meraki Recording Studio will still have a studio assistant on hand for introduction to studio equipment & workflow options and will be on standby within the facility. No recordings or associated files will be released before the final payments.

  • Mixing

  • Mixing of a song (or number of songs) is to be paid 100% prior to commencement of the mixing process as per quoted mixing time.Artist can request small adjustments to the mix (such as vocal level etc.) this can be discussed with the engineer and are usually free of charge. However additional work will be charged at the normal mixing rate.

  • Mixing time can vary from song to song depending on the project. Track count, instrument types, editing and various other factors can alter the amount of time required to complete a mix.

  • Cancellation

    Recording :

  • A 24-hour cancellation policy applies to all recording session bookings. A minimum of 24 hours notice must be given before session start time to cancel or change a booking, full fee applies if cancelling within 24 hours of session start time. A cancellation with more than 24 hours notice will warrant a refund.

  • Mixing :

  • There is no refund policy for mixing or editing.

  • Media & Backup

  • Clients are welcome to bring a USB Hard Drive (formatted for Mac) for backup and archive purposes of Audio and Session files. At the completion of your project, any digital data created as part of your session will be stored for a period of 30 days as a courtesy, but is not considered fully backed up and safe until you as the hirer stores and retains a copy of the files.

  • Meraki Recording Studio will not accept responsibility for lost files, this is the responsibility of the hirer. Time taken to transfer & backup files is charged at the usual studio rate.

  • It is important to discuss recording format resolution (such as bit depth and sample rate) with the inhouse Engineer or Studio Assistant prior to commencing the session.

Studio Usage

  • Please note : All areas of the Studios and rehearsal suites are covered by video surveillance. These general terms and conditions are for the Safety and Benefit of all who use the facilities. Any persons may be asked to leave and may be barred from our premises and facilities if they initiate or are involved in any of the following :

    (a)Willful damage to any part of the interior or exterior of the building.

    (b)Graffiti to any part of the interior or exterior of the building.

    (c)Willful damage to studio equipment or hired equipment

    (d)Tampering, disabling or attempting to disable any Health & Safety equipment or fittings.

    (d)Physical / verbal abuse to staff or Meraki Recording Studio's guests and visitors.

    (e)Any activity that constitutes or is regarded as in breach of any part of these Terms and Conditions.

  • We let our facility out for shoots only after dicussing the project with the client.

  • The client takes full responsibility of all the people and property he or she brings into Meraki Recording Studio, and indemnifies us over any issues pertaining to copyright infringement.

  • We expect you to be respectful of our person and property and reserve the right to admission.

  • Health & Safety

    Smoking :

  • Smoking anywhere on the premises is strictly forbidden. This applies to anything that can be smoked and includes but is not limited to, cigarettes, pipes, cigars and herbal cigarettes. This is in the interest of hygiene, safety and the health of other users of the studio, the company’s employees and in compliance with legal requirements. Any client or client personnel wishing to smoke must do so strictly outside the premises.

  • Drugs & Alcohol :

  • No drugs or alcohol are permitted on the premises at any time. If any person using or distributing drugs is found on the premises, law enforcement will be called immediately.

  • Premises & Equipments :

    Equipments :

  • Meraki Recording Studio's equipments are not to be removed or reset without prior consultation with a Staff Member.

  • Eating :

  • The recreation area within Meraki Recording Studio will be open to members and their guests for consumption of food and drink. Food and drink is NOT allowed in any of the Recording or Rehearsal suites, bottled water is allowed only in locations where it cannot damage equipment if spilled.

  • Anti-Social Behaviour :

  • Our staff is here to help and support you. Verbal or physical abuse will not be tolerated and legal proceedings will be initiated against any offender.

  • Car Parking :

  • In the interests of all staff and visitors could you please park sensibly and avoid blocking the main road. Guests are to use the street parking where available. Meraki Recording Studio is not responsible for any vehical damage or theft.

  • Session Times :

  • The hirer and guests are expected to get in by the session start time and have already packed up and exited by the session end time.

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